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Effective Academy is an online training platform, invented by professionals, UEFA licensed coaches and Premier League analysts.  

It was created to give players of all ages and backgrounds the possibility to experience the same quality of coaching as an academy player at clubs like Manchester City.  

With over 150 exercises, step-by-step analysis training and a structured training calendar, the Effective Academy is a revolutionary platform that allows you to train like a Pro, anytime, anywhere.

Start Your World-Class Training, Created By Professionals.

Our training series is compiled of over 150 exercises and workouts from perfecting your first touch to reaching your peak level of fitness. Regardless if you're a beginner or an academy player, we have a wide variety of skills and drills to help you progress further into your football career.  

With new content added monthly, you get access to the latest and best training drills and never run out of ways to improve.

Become A Smarter Player With Game Brain.

What is Game Brain?...

Game Brain is a performance analysis training tool that was created to give players a step-by-step understanding of professional players' decisions, tactics & strategies.  

Using the knowledge and expertise of our Premier League analysts we have created the perfect tool to not only train like a pro, but think like a pro.

Did You Know You're Eight Times More Likely To Complete A Task If You Schedule It?.. 

Plan & Schedule Your Training, 365 Days Of The Year. Our simple and easy to use drag-and-drop calendar allows you to plan and schedule your training with ease.  

Simply find your preferred workout, select it into the day you want and hit update.  

Our calendar is designed to keep you accountable, track your progress & help you reach your goals FASTER!

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